Why use secure payment ?

The guarantee of the payment at the delivery of the vehicle

Secure the transaction

The seller is notified once the funds have been paid on his secure electronic wallet

Guarantee the exchange

The funds will only be released after the agreement of both parties

Avoid fraud

Digiteal, which is registered by the NBB as Payment Institution, verifies the identify of the involved parties, and the origin of the funds

How we secure your payments

A quick and easy process in 5 steps


The Seller identifies an opportunity

The seller registers on Digiteal, encodes the information of the transaction and sends the proposal to a buyer. The Seller is responsable for the transaction costs.


The money is deposited in a 100 % secure electronic wallet

The buyer receives a summary email, registers himself on the Digiteal platofrm and makes the payment to the secure electronic wallet


The Buyer verifies the condition of the vehicle

Upon delivery, the buyer can check the conformity of the vehicle and thus avoid any risk


The 2 parties validate the transaction

Confirm the transaction remotely thanks to the Digiteal mobile app


The money is released instantly

The seller receives the confirmation of the release of the funds in his favour and the money will be on his account within 2 working days at the latest

Questions ?

Our Customer Support Desk is there to assist you !

A secure and intuitive app

The payment platform is approved by the NBB and offers a web and mobile interface that verifies the identity of the parties involved in the transaction and verifies the origin of the funds.


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