Why certify your vehicle ?

The guarantee of a standard vehicle, ready for resale

Increase the value of your vehicle

The certification increases the value of the vehicle

Accelerate the sale process

Certified cars are sold on average 37 % faster then non-certified cars

Reduce litigations

The vehicle expertise guarantees the quality of the vehicle and spares you from any bad surprise

European label

The DEKRA certification is acknowledge throughout Europe

How does DEKRA proceed with the expertise of your vehicle ?

The expertise proves the condition of your vehicle and confirms its value. The certification guarantees a quality standard. Both parties are informed about the real condition of the vehicle


Complete the contact form

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Safe Car Trade calls you back

In order to validate your request and to agree on the practical details


DEKRA makes the expertise of your car

DEKRA expertise your vehicle according to the practical arrangements agreed upon. Safe Car Trade will send you the expertise

Questions ?

Our Customer Support Desk is there to assist you !

DEKRA performs certifications and expertises all over Europe.

DEKRA is the European leader of independent expertise and certification organizatio, with more than 25 million vehicles surveyed across 16 countries

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European label


Over 45 years of experience

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